-1979: University degree of an MA Architect at the Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Department for Public Building Design. Certified mastery of languages: English, German.

1979-1982: Activity of an apprentice architect at SZÖVTERV and ÁÉTV, stately-owned architectural practices.

1982-1986: Activity abroad as departmental chief architect in Tripoli/Libya at the Hungarian-Libyan joint-venture construction company LAMKÉV. Field of activity: expert advice, project management, design, planning and site supervision during construction of medium to major construction projects. Working language: English.

1986-1989: Activity of a designer architect at ÁÉTV.

1989-1990: Activity abroad as a designer architect in Vienna/Austria at the multi-national major architectural practice ACHAMMER-TRITTHART-PARTNER. Field of activity: Design, planning and site supervision of major construction projects. Working language: German.

Registration as a UN-Expert /UNCHS-HABITAT/.

1990-1992: Activity of a designer architect at ÁÉTV.

1992-: Manager, chief designer and co-owner of ASC Studio Co. Ltd for Building Design an Consulting. Field of activity: expert advice, project management and complex design-planning of construction projects. Working languages: Hungarian, English, German. Partner office in the U.K.: Atkins DGI – WS Atkins.

Master degree of an EUR-ING of the organisation FEANI.

Cooperation agreement, followed by the founding of a joint branch office in 2002 with the Zwickau engineering company „Krämer and Partner Co. Ltd for Planning“, (Saxony/Germany): „Krämer, Kiss and Partners Co. Ltd for Architecture and General Planning”,

Position of a Partner / Leading Designer.

Mastery of languages: English, German.

Study tours: Denmark, The Netherlands, U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Malta.